Saying No

  • Assertiveness & Saying No

Do you have trouble saying No?  Are you too much of a “people pleaser”?

A common characteristic of many people who recognise they need to develop their assertive skills, is that they struggle with saying the word “no”.  Consequently, there may be co-workers, or so-called friends, and perhaps even family members, who will take advantage of this.

Below is a short clip featuring Dr Susan Newman, a socail psychologist and the author of a book on this very theme, Saying No, and she discusses some of the fears that can cause the relucatnce and anxiety around refusing unreasonable requests. One of the solutions to this problem is the importance of knowing your rights – one of which is your right to make your own decisions.

  • Some More Tips On Saying No

In this video clip, a communications coach helps a young woman reflect upon a specific work situation in which she struggles with saying no to unreasonable requests from her boss at work. You will see how rehearsing the situation helps to gradually improve her assertive communication.

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